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SCBWI Event: How to Find A Critique Group

Today at Books of Wonder the SCBWI hosted a panel discussion on how to find and maintain a good critique group, and I found it very helpful. I’ve been looking for one but many people I have talked to have been struggling to keep a quality group alive. This event gave me tips on forming and keeping one successful, such as:

  • Having a good list of expectations and rules from the get go
  • Keeping the group small (under 5 people)
  • For illustrators, meeting in person rather than online
  • Find people who are constantly reading books and are up to date with the industry

Books of Wonder is a great store with plenty of children’s books old (from classics to rare to out-of-print and worth $$$) to spanking new with lots of space for families and all their SUV strollers. I also love the adjacent cafe space Birdbath and would love to try everything on their menu. Read about the awesomeness here. I had the “BBvDBB” (Birdbath version of Daniel Boulud Burger) which is a black-bean-and-red-pepper-burger-stuffed-inside-a-falafel-with-miso-sauce kinda heaven in your mouth. 

  • 11 March 2013
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